Chores Made Fun: Personalised Cleaning Task List for Kids


Chores Made Fun: Personalised Cleaning Task List for Kids

Introducing our customisable Daily Cleaning Task List Canva template, designed to make chores engaging and personalized for kids! Instil responsibility and good habits in your child as they navigate through their daily routines with this delightful, name-customizable task list.


  1. Personalized for Your Child: Easily edit the template in Canva to feature your child’s name, adding a personal touch that makes chores feel special and engaging.
  2. Morning Routine: Kickstart the day with a checklist of morning chores, setting a positive tone for a productive day.
  3. After School: Help your child transition from school to home by providing them with a clear list of tasks to complete.
  4. After Eating: Encourage cleanliness and responsibility after meals with a designated set of post-meal chores.
  5. Evening Routine: Wind down the day with a routine that prepares your child for a restful night’s sleep and a tidy environment.
  6. Before Bed: Establish a calming bedtime routine with specific tasks to complete before lights out.


  • Empowerment: Fosters a sense of independence and responsibility as children take charge of their daily tasks.
  • Organization: Streamlines daily routines for both parents and children, ensuring nothing is missed.
  • Personal Connection: Featuring your child’s name on the task list helps create a sense of ownership and motivation to complete their chores.
  • Educational: Teaches time management and organizational skills in a fun and interactive way.

With our editable Canva template, you can easily tailor the task list to suit your child’s preferences and daily schedule by adding their name. Watch as your child embraces their responsibilities and takes pride in accomplishing their chores with our adorable, personalized Daily Cleaning Task List.

Make chore time enjoyable and rewarding for your little one—grab our Canva template now and start creating a cleaner, happier environment together!

1 PDF with link to 1 Canva template and Canva Guide.

***This product is a digital download. No physical product will be sent by post.





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