Serene Moments: A Mindful Journey through Mandalas


Introducing “Serene Moments: A Mindful Journey through Mandalas” – a calming mindfulness colouring book designed for busy mums and their kids. With 24 therapeutic mandalas, this book is a retreat for overwhelmed mums, a bonding experience for mothers and children, and an artistic adventure for all ages. Escape the chaos, enjoy premium quality pages, and let each stroke become a moment of self-care. Reconnect with your inner peace, create lasting memories, and find tranquility in the art of mindful colouring. “Serene Moments” – where serenity meets simplicity.

This product contains 24 mandalas: 8″ x 8″ PDF:

  • 1 x Cover Page
  • 24 x Colouring Pages

***This product is a digital download. No physical product will be sent by post.



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